Daily Themes

Tip #1 to staying sane amongst the chaos of life…..Daily Themes.   I break down each day into a specific set of chores that I want to accomplish on those days.  Here are my daily themes:

Monday: Adult Laundry & Organize

Tuesday: Food Shop & Cook

Wednesday: Errands, Kid Activities, Kid Laundry and Clean Kid Rooms

Thursday: Project and Phone Calls

Friday: Clean House

Saturday: Animal Care & House Maintenence

Sunday: Church and Rest/Family Time

What are your daily themes?  I’d love to know how other folks organize their weeks to stay on top of the chaos.  Please share!

2 thoughts on “Daily Themes

  1. Andrea Halstead February 13, 2013 at 3:10 am Reply

    So I just started following your blog. I know I’m a bit slow. We have themes for cleaning each week. Monday is kitchen and laundry, tuesday is bedrooms, Wednesday is living room, hallway and stairs, Thursday bathrooms, Friday Family room, Saturday (is supposed to be but never is) the school room, Sunday church/AWANA/Youth Group. We only clean for 1/2 hour but there are 5 1/2 (Toby is only 2 so he counts as 1/2) of us cleaning. I mainly delegate and make sure things are getting done as close to right as possible and do anything that I do not want the kids doing but that is getting less and less as they get older and learn how to do more. Well, I’m excited to read/hear more from your blog

    • megnice February 16, 2013 at 12:04 pm Reply

      Thanks for your tips Andrea 🙂 I find it so hard to get the kids involved with cleaning since they are in school. The kids have chores and do little bits of the cleaning, but I think it’s such a vaulable lesson to have them as part the cleaning crew for EVERYTHING. I’m sure it will make your life much easier in the years to come, and will teach them the discipline to care for a house. Thanks again for the input!

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