Summer Theme Week – Movie Making

Movie Making Week

Although this may seem a little ambitious, I think I will be able to pull together a small scale “movie” with the kids.

Materials needed:

  • Video Camera
  • Editing Software (I use iMovie on my macbook)
  • Imagination
  • Patiencewheres mark

Day 1:

  • Talk about what it means to “act”.
  • Practice acting exercises. Click Here for ideas.
  • Watch a kids play on-line as an example of children acting on an amateur level.  Click Here for an example.
  • Choose or write a script.  We will be acting out two of our favorite books.  “Where’s Mark?” by Jacquie Hann and “The Little Red Hen” by little-red-hen-byron-barton-hardcover-cover-artByron Barton.
  • Read through books and assign parts.

Day 2:

  • Create Costumes & Practice Lines.
  • “Where’s Mark?” costumes are just hat
  • “The Little Red Hen” costumes:
  • Hen (make the mask red and wear red shirt and pants)
  • Pig Mask with pink shirt and pants,
  • Duck – Color white baseball hat yellow with orange brim and 2 black eyes – wear yellow shirt and black pants and orange knee socks
  • Cat Mask – black outfit
  • 3 stuffed animal chicks

Day 3: Filmingmovie reel

  • Start filming!  Get creative and film lots of takes.  Set up scenes or record like a play.  

Day 4: Edit


  • If you have younger kids, like me, this will mostly be work for you.  So while you are editing, here are some worksheets and ideas to keep the kids engaged:
  • Make “Star” Posters: Cut out big yellow or gold stars.  Children write “The Little Red Hen starring (their name) As (name of character)” and decorate.
  • Make cookies in the shape of a star
  • Story Map Worksheets
  • Free Printable Worksheets:

Day 5: Movie Viewing Party

  • Order some fun supplies herestar trophy
  • Invite family or friends over to see the movie.
  • Have kids dress up like movie stars
  • Lay down a red carpet (paper or runner)
  • Set up a “Snack Stand” and offer snacks like popcorn, candy, soda, soft pretzels
  • After viewing the movie, have an award ceremony and give each actor a Star Trophy for various awards – Best Duck, Best Costume, etc.

Leave a comment below and let me know what books or scripts you will be acting out!

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3 thoughts on “Summer Theme Week – Movie Making

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  2. Emma Smith (@MyLittle3andMe) May 6, 2013 at 4:07 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing our pig mask, my boys will be delighted that it made it to the movies tee hee. I think this is a fantastic idea, and no doubt lots of hard work for mummy but so worth it. I’d love to see the finished piece, will you be showing it? x

    • Mama Nice May 7, 2013 at 1:37 pm Reply

      I hope to put up some finished pictures after each week is completed. Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for letting me share the craft!

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