Summer Theme Week – Dinosaurs


*Just an FYI – I am a Christian and I believe in Creationism.  This dinosaur unit is based on that belief.*

Day 1: Dino Digdino puzzle

  • Read “What Really Happened to Dinosaurs” pages 6-11
  • The book mentions that it can be very difficult for a scientist to put dinosaur bones together.
  • Set up a Dino Dig in a sandbox with wooden dinosaur bones.  This 3D puzzle would be great to use for the dig.  Since I have 3 kids, I will probably order 3 puzzles.  I will then put a color code on each one with a small colored dot to indicate which pieces go together.  
  • Once the bones have all been found, we will construct the dinosaurs.  Using books from the library – we will learn about the different types of dinosaurs.
  • Create a dinosaur journal and record information:  What is the name of your dinosaur?  What does your dinosaur eat? How big is your dinosaur? List 3 new facts you learned about your dinosaur. etc.
  • Online Dinosaur Puzzle

Day 2: Dino Eggsdino egg

Day 3: Fossilsdino clay

Day 4: Dinosaur Day!

  • A day of dino fun!  Search Pinterest and you will find plenty of activities.  Here are the ones we will do on this red dinosaur t-shirt craftsday:
  • Craft- Dino Shirts (to wear on our field trip of course).
  • Dino Activity Books or Printable Worksheets
  • Ceramic dinosaurs to paint HERE.
  • Pick out some fun projects and activities here.
  • Dinosaur Lunch – Dino chicken nuggets, dino mac & cheese, dino fruit snacks
  • Watch Dinosaur Train

Day 5: Field Trip


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2 thoughts on “Summer Theme Week – Dinosaurs

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  2. August 2, 2013 at 10:25 am Reply

    Very excited about this week! He is going to wear this dinosaur shirt for camp

    Perfect for your dinosaur themed camp.

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