Getting Organized in 2105 #3 Boredom Busters

Hi there, just a quick little tip today.  If you are living in the cold part of the world, then your kids are likely bouncing off the walls and begging for more screen time.  At least mine are.  They are BORED and the first thing they want to do is watch T.V., play video games, play computer games, etc.  The thing is, when they are engaged in screen time activities, I get stuff done and the house it quiet.  However, I know it’s not good for them. So…… I made a list of non-electronic BOREDOM BUSTER activities.  I have mine posted on the fridge and if they are bored, I direct them to the list to find something to do.  I hope this gives you all some good ideas too!

🙂 Mama Nice

Boredom Buster


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