Creative Clothing Patches

It’s winter.  Yup, it’s winter.  My family spent the past week sick in the house.  I spent the past week finding things to do while taking care of my sick family.  I know what you’re thinking…. why not sew patches on my kids’ clothes??? I’m sure you were thinking that too, right??  If not, maybe after this post you will be inspired to sew yourself.

I happened to see some cute patches on Pinterest (of course) and thought I would try to turn the many torn up kid pants into something cute (because at this point 50% of the pants for my children have holes in the knees).  My youngest has tried to convince me he put the holes there on purpose to “air out my legs”, *sigh*.  I personally don’t care if my kids wear pants with holes, but it IS winter and I want them to be warm.  I got to work, and my daughter chimed in to design her Owl & Branch patches (I’m not even sure there was a hole to start with in her pants.)

I used a combonation of sew-on patches and scrap fabric.  I found that for the patches I only ironed on, they peeled off after one wear.  Lesson learned, sew on ALL patches. Getting the sewing machine around the patches can be tricky and I needed to sew some of them by hand.

What do you think?

WP_20150116_14_07_52_Pro WP_20150116_14_07_35_Pro WP_20150116_14_06_44_Pro WP_20150116_14_06_22_Pro WP_20150116_14_05_31_Pro

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