Getting Organized in 2015 #4 School Binder & Entryway

Does anyone else have bulletin boards covered in school papers or a refrigerator covered in chaos?  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  We have limited wall space in our kitchen/entryway area and this is the where everyone drops their stuff and where reminders are posted.  Although the space was “functional”, it was lacking “flow” and “style”.  I’m a visual person as well as practical and the whole area was giving me a headache.





First I took down most of the bulletin boards and created a “School Binder”.  I keep all the important school papers for each child in one binder.  At homework time I pull out the binder for reference and to update papers.  I also created this form for each child as a quick reference.

School Binder

Next, I moved our “shoe bin” to the central drop location.  These bins hold winter gear and shoes.  I added the fruit basket to hold keys, wallets, mail, etc.  The picture frame can easily be turned into a white board to write notes.

Entryway Makeover

On the other wall I still have the family calendar.  I added the hooks for the kid’s school bags and got this great wall verse from Amazon.

This area is not the “Main Entrance” to the home, but it’s where we come through the garage and enter as a family.  I think this awkward space works much better for us now and it’s much more visually pleasing.  I can’t wait to add more artwork and accessories in the future! 🙂 Mama Nice


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