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Summer Camp Review

Yes, it’s not even Spring yet but guess what?? Summer Camp registration is OPEN!!!!!  So now that you are hyperventalating, here is a short and sweet review of the camps and programs that we have been a part of.  Please post some of the camps you love so we can all be informed!


422 Sports Complex

My youngest has been taking soccer classes here all year.  They are WONDERFUL!  The complex is basically a large sports arena with ice hockey rinks, roller hockey rinks and a large turf field.  The kids in the “Soccer Bugs” program get a uniform and class once a week for 50 minutes.  The coaches are great with the kids and my son gets out all his energy by the end of class.  The facility offers summer camps, summer classes and also “Days Off” classes for those holidays when you need child care.



Perkiomen Watershed

If you’ve never visitied the Perkiomen Watershed, you must!  During the school year, they offer preschool classes for $10.  This includes a lesson, craft and free playtime in the nature discovery room.  During the summer, they offer week long day camps and special one day events.  Last year my oldest particpated in a one day camp where he explored the Branch Creek all day.  He loved it.  Check it out:


Camp Men-o-Lan

This is the first year my oldest will go to this camp.  Men-O-Lan offer a sleepover or day camp.  It’s a Christian camp and the facilites are amazing.  Our church has held retreats there in the past.  We’ve gone swimming, paddleboating, went down a waterslide and attempted the obstacale course.  I think it will be a wonderful and exhausting week for me oldest.  They offer theme based camps that will surely attract your youngster!

Men-o-lan Christian Camp and Retreat Center


VBS (Vacation Bible School)

My kids really enjoy VBS and we usually sign them up for one or two each summer.  Our church does not host a VBS, but as the summer draws near you will see signs up everywhere for churches that will host a VBS week.  The cost is usually very minimal if any at all.  My kids love the music, crafts, games and new friends.  The lessons reinforce what they have learned at Sunday School and what I teach at home.  Love it!  If you are nervous about sending your kids to a place you don’t know, offer to volunteer.  Most VBS camps need volunteers and they are happy to welcome you on board.


Looking for an alternative to camp?  I will be posting my “Camp At Home” ideas in the weeks to come.  For now, leave a comment on your favorite camps.  Thanks!

Rainbows and Unicorns Birthday Party

We are not the type of family that celebrates our kids birthdays at fancy places with lots of people.  I don’t like chaos and we like to do everything on a low budget.  So when birthdays come around, I like to be creative in how I can make the event special, without spending loads of money.  Through the years, what I have found my kids like best is picking out a theme for their party.  I then order napkins and tablecloths with that theme and call it a day.  But as the party gets closer, I can’t help but scour Pinterest for great ideas to match the theme and brainstorm how I can turn my house into a wonderland for my kids – without breaking the bank.

This year for my daughter’s 5th birthday (sniff sniff I can’t believe she’s 5) she chose Rainbows and Unicorns.  As a horse lover myself, I was so excited she picked such a theme!  Here is what I came up with to make the day special.


  • Paper banner (tutorial to come)
  • Colorful balloons & streamers
  • Theme dessert plates and napkins
  • Colorful Tablecloths
  • Cutlery, dinner plates and cups to match

 IMG_3211     IMG_3208


(Other food was available, but these were the rainbow themed foods)

  • Vegetable platter (tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, celery, blue corn chips, olives)
  • Brownie cake with a rainbow using M&M’s (the dark chocolate M&M’s come in pink, white and purple)
  • Fruit Kabobs (strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grape, blueberry, purple grape)
  • Cupcakes (strawberry and vanilla, frosting with rainbow sprinkles and unicorn topper)

IMG_3221  IMG_3214   IMG_3215  IMG_3222


Pin The Horn On The Unicorn



  • Coloring Book (unicorn for girls, dino for boys – found for $1 each at dollar store)
  • Crayons
  • Rainbow Goldfish
  • Unicorn Horn Lollipop
  • Pencil

IMG_3202  IMG_3207

The party was short and sweet and we celebrated with our family and close friends.  Most of our party supplies were found at Oriental Trading (  Hope you got some ideas for your own Rainbows and Unicorn Party.  Enjoy! 🙂

Spaceship Project

Project day! Project Day! Project Day! I love Project day!  A chance to sink myself into something creative without feeling guilty about all the other chores I’m not getting done.  I know some of you hear the word “project” and begin to cringe at the thought of being creative.  I on the other hand go into dreamland at the thought of working on a project.  This past week I planned, prepared and created with my sons Tiger Scout Den.  Each scout needed to make a space themed centrepiece to use at the upcoming banquet.  I was thrilled to help out with such a project.  They turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Spaceship Project

Spaceship Instructions


  • 1 Empty 2 litre bottleIMG_3186
  • 1 piece of Construction Paper
  • Crepe Paper Streamers (red, yellow, orange)
  • Food coloring
  • glitter
  • stickers
  • Styrofoam bowl
  • scissors
  • markers
  • tape/glue

IMG_3187IMG_3192Step 1: Cut hole in Styrofoam bowl to fit soda bottle

Step 2: Glue or tape colored streamers on the bowl (this is the “fire” at the bottom of the spaceship).

Step 3: Fill bottle up with water.  Add food coloring and glitter. Shake to mix.

Step 4: Place bottle into Styrofoam bowl.

IMG_3191  IMG_3197

Step 5: Cut semi-circle out of construction paper and fold to make a cone. Place cone on top of bottle and tape or glue to IMG_3195keep in place.

IMG_3146SteIMG_3196p 6: Tape or glue on side fins.  Decorate with stickers, markers, etc.  Complete!!