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Nice Family Homestead – In Progress

We’ve had one busy summer.  After moving to the new house, there was much to be done!  Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to!


The view from the second story of our home.  Our property goes to the very back tree line.  Almost 3 acres.  The middle plot will be a large garden.  We (mostly my hubby) spent the summer getting the land ready for planting next year.





The compost pile made from pallets.  They are working out wonderfully!







IMG_4989 This is the view of our chicken coop.  When we moved we downsized to 3 chickens because we didn’t have a coop at the new house.  I ordered this cheapo coop from Amazon and it’s awful.  I’m working on a new coop right now and I can’t wait to show it to you all when I’m done!



IMG_5016    IMG_5019

Here are the chickens roaming the yard.  Our dog, Charlie, thinks they want to play ball and keeps dropping the ball in front of them.  🙂

IMG_5340  IMG_5338 After many months of treatments and tricks, the poison ivy seems to have been eradicated from the garden plot.  The soil was tested, manure and lyme were added.  We all have poison ivy.  It sucks.   BUT, as you can see the Winter Rye has been planted and is beginning to grow.  We should be ready for planting in the spring!

Next up – getting those chickens into a better coop and run!happy-chicken