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For Those That Care For Children….

before the school bell ringsI can remember the day  I picked up this book.  I was in college, walking out of class and noticed a pile of books sitting in the hallway that were free to take.  I picked this one up because #1 – my major was Elementary Ed ,#2 – it was super skinny and looked like an easy read, #3 – I was a nanny at the time.  I wanted as much advice as I could get – but I didn’t like to read.

This book has sat on my bookshelf and traveled with me for 12 years and I finally got around to reading it.  What a WONDERFUL little book!  If you are a parent of a preschooler, volunteer in the church nursery, babysit the kids down the street, have grandkids or are planning to have your own kids – READ this book!

A few quotes from the book:

“Every question a child asks is  a real inquiry and needs an answer.”

” Children learn most effectively in a place where love abounds and people feel connected.  They learn best in a place where they don’t feel rushed, where they are cradledin stretches of time.”

As a busy mom of 3, I know it’s easy to lose touch with what’s best for the kids in an attempt to stay afloat in our culture.  This little book reminded me what is really important.

Enjoy! 🙂 Mama Nice


Summer Theme Week – Movie Making

Movie Making Week

Although this may seem a little ambitious, I think I will be able to pull together a small scale “movie” with the kids.

Materials needed:

  • Video Camera
  • Editing Software (I use iMovie on my macbook)
  • Imagination
  • Patiencewheres mark

Day 1:

  • Talk about what it means to “act”.
  • Practice acting exercises. Click Here for ideas.
  • Watch a kids play on-line as an example of children acting on an amateur level.  Click Here for an example.
  • Choose or write a script.  We will be acting out two of our favorite books.  “Where’s Mark?” by Jacquie Hann and “The Little Red Hen” by little-red-hen-byron-barton-hardcover-cover-artByron Barton.
  • Read through books and assign parts.

Day 2:

  • Create Costumes & Practice Lines.
  • “Where’s Mark?” costumes are just pajamas.duck hat
  • “The Little Red Hen” costumes:
  • Hen (make the mask red and wear red shirt and pants)
  • Pig Mask with pink shirt and pants,
  • Duck – Color white baseball hat yellow with orange brim and 2 black eyes – wear yellow shirt and black pants and orange knee socks
  • Cat Mask – black outfit
  • 3 stuffed animal chicks

Day 3: Filmingmovie reel

  • Start filming!  Get creative and film lots of takes.  Set up scenes or record like a play.  

Day 4: Edit


  • If you have younger kids, like me, this will mostly be work for you.  So while you are editing, here are some worksheets and ideas to keep the kids engaged:
  • Make “Star” Posters: Cut out big yellow or gold stars.  Children write “The Little Red Hen starring (their name) As (name of character)” and decorate.
  • Make cookies in the shape of a star
  • Story Map Worksheets
  • Free Printable Worksheets: http://www.kidzone.ws/

Day 5: Movie Viewing Party

  • Order some fun supplies herestar trophy
  • Invite family or friends over to see the movie.
  • Have kids dress up like movie stars
  • Lay down a red carpet (paper or runner)
  • Set up a “Snack Stand” and offer snacks like popcorn, candy, soda, soft pretzels
  • After viewing the movie, have an award ceremony and give each actor a Star Trophy for various awards – Best Duck, Best Costume, etc.

Leave a comment below and let me know what books or scripts you will be acting out!

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